11 Extra Republican Senators Plan to Again Futile Bid to Overturn Biden’s Election

11 More Republican Senators Plan to Back Futile Bid to Overturn Biden’s Election

Rep. Mo Brooks, Republican of Alabama, said he would object to the certification of the results, and with Mr. Hawley’s support, that challenge would carry weight and cause Senators and officials to sit in their chambers on opposite sides for two years to withdraw from the Capitol. Hour of debate and then a vote on whether to disqualify a state’s votes. Both the Democratic-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate would have to agree to cast a state’s electoral votes – something that has not happened since the 19th century and is not expected this time around.

In their statement, Republicans cited poll results showing that most of their party’s members believe the elections have been “rigged,” a claim Mr Trump has been making for months, in the right-wing news media and by many Republicans repeatedly became members of Congress.

“A fair and credible test, carried out swiftly and completed well before January 20, would dramatically improve American confidence in our electoral process and greatly improve the legitimacy of those who will become our next president,” they wrote. “We do not act to thwart the democratic process, but to protect it.”

They also noted that their efforts would likely be unsuccessful as such a challenge comes from both the Democratic House and the Senate, which has top Republicans, including Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, Must be kept trying to shut it down.

“We wholeheartedly expect most, if not all, Democrats, and perhaps more than a few Republicans, to vote differently,” the Senators wrote.

The Congressional certification process is typically a procedural step, but as Mr Trump continues to perpetuate the myth of widespread electoral fraud, Republicans in Congress have been eager to question the results. It does, even though the vast majority of them have just won elections in the same vote that they now claim was fraudulently administered.

Mr McConnell has stopped Senate lawmakers from joining the House of Representatives efforts, and South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune, the No. 2 Republican, told reporters that contesting Senate election results would “fail like a gun dog” on Twitter -Tirade from Mr. Trump.