12 Components that Can Make you Acquire Water Weight

Factors That Can Make You Gain Weight

The fact is you can’t gain weight overnight, but when the scales jump up a few pounds and sway like crazy, you blame the water weight. If you gained more than 500g overnight, count it as your water weight as well. The human body is made up of around 60% water. When the body is retaining more water than that between tissues and cells for various reasons, it leads to swelling and gas and can easily be mistaken for fat gain. In this post, we’d list factors that can cause you to gain water so that you don’t feel frustrated and demotivated when the scales move up despite exercising and following a healthy weight loss diet like Rati Beauty App.

What is water weight?

Water weight is completely different from fat weight because water weight is temporary and occurs due to the accumulation of extra fluid in body tissues. On the other hand, fat weight is a permanent layer of fat under the subcutaneous layer of skin and around organs (visceral fat) that only diet and exercise would melt away. The weight of the water makes you feel bloated, puffy, and puffy. Water weight occurs when the body is holding back the fluid instead of removing it, and it’s only a passing thing.

12 Factors That Can Help You Gain Water:

1. Too Much Salt / Sodium in the Diet: If you are on a weight loss diet, eat salt in moderation or it will cause a sharp jump in pounds by trapping excess fluids in the cells. It is estimated that just a little extra salt in the diet can hold up to 1.5 liters of water! So eat salt in moderation, don’t go absolutely low, as salt is needed to maintain electrolyte levels in the body and perform all functions properly.

2. High cortisol levels due to stress: Cortisol is the stress hormone that can cause both temporary and permanent weight gain. We have explained in detail how reducing stress here can actually lead to successful weight loss. A hormone called an antidiuretic is affected by stress and cortisol levels. Relieving stress is important for the AD hormone to work properly and for water weight to be avoided.

3. Too Much Refined Carbohydrates: Like stress, too much refined carbohydrates can cause both temporary and permanent weight gain. When excess carbohydrates are consumed, the body stores them as glycogen and each glycogen molecule carries 3 grams of water with it. So if you cut down on refined carbohydrates, you can reduce glycogen stores and thus lower water weight.

4. Periods: Most women are prone to water retention and gas during their periods due to hormonal fluctuations. Once the periods are over, this weight disappears.

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5. Poor blood circulation due to iron deficiency: Iron deficiency leads to poor blood circulation and temporary weight gain.

6. Dehydration: When there is a lack of water, the body tends to hold onto its existing water reserves, which leads to fluid retention and weight gain.

7. High intensity exercise: If you have recently started exercising, the muscles and fibers may become inflamed and small tears may develop. In order to repair these tiny tears, the body tends to hold back water, albeit temporarily.

8. Poor Quality Sleep: When you compromise on sleep, many body functions get out of hand, including water retention and gas. Just 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night can get rid of all the extra water.

9. Magnesium and potassium deficiency: These two elements are needed to balance the electrolyte balance. When either element is missing, water weight is a common result.

10. Certain Medications: Certain birth control pills, pain relievers, and antidepressants can cause water retention.

11. Sedentary lifestyle: A lifestyle with little physical activity forces the body to retain water, and in the long run it also leads to the formation of permanent layers of fat.

12. Too Much Sugar: Like sodium / salt, sugar is a major cause of fluid retention.

Most surprisingly, changes in weather, especially when it’s too hot and humid, can trigger dehydration, leading to fluid retention and an increase in water weight.

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