4 Shot Exterior Nationals Stadium in Washington

Four Shot Outside Nationals Stadium in Washington

“At first we thought it was in the stadium,” he said. “It was instant panic.”

Some people crouched under their seats while Mr. DeAngeles said he jumped over the turnstiles with his boyfriend and girlfriend and then came out onto the street and home when police cars crashed into the compound.

“It’s just wild,” he said. “You don’t think you’ll have this experience, but you hear ‘active shooter’ and just run.”

Nick Butler, 28, said he sat in the stands behind midfield watching the weather and wondering if the game would be rainy. Seeing fans sprinting behind the home plate, he assumed the rain had come, but then noticed that some were crouching and the players weren’t in the dugouts.

Mr. Butler said he jumped from his seat and looked for an exit to the midfield hall, turned a corner, and said from a member of staff that he could not leave this path. Then he saw “an onslaught of people running in our direction.”

Then he realized: “Something is happening here”.

He said he turned and ran and found his way into what he called the Nationals Operations Center, where he ducked under tables and waited for a public announcement to make it clear that fans could leave.

“I’m in some ways reassured that we’ve never really been in any danger,” he said.

After fans poured out of the ballpark, the subway platform at Navy Yard station was crowded, as it usually is after a game, but fans were quieter than usual and many people shared their memories of what they did had heard.

Amy Fiscus and David Waldstein contributed to the coverage.