42 Dugg Lashes Out At Followers Who Threatened To Name CPS Over Video Of Him Kissing Son’s Neck

42 Dugg Lashes Out At Fans Who Threatened To Call CPS Over Video Of Him Kissing Son’s Neck

Rapper 42 Dugg is furious with fans who responded with concern to his now-deleted birthday mail dedicated to his son and even some fans who threatened to call CPS.

The 25-year-old native of Detroit faced backlash for the video he posted on his site on Friday night, which was part of a birthday greeting to his little man.

In the video, 42 Dugg’s son lies on his lap while Dugg licks and kisses his son’s neck. The caption read, “His two weren’t that horrible, now we’ve cranked up 3 love you more than life at a young age.”

Fans said they felt uncomfortable watching the video, called it disturbing, and some even went so far as to label Dugg’s actions as abuse.

As the video circulated, 42 Dugg started to be trending on social media. There were even some critics who threatened to call him at the CPS.

42 dugg wtf type kiss is that ??? I’m about to call CPS #IDontLikePeopleWho touch children inappropriately smh


– 𝙷𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚒𝚎𝙻𝙱𝙹 ➐ (@HoodieLBJ) July 31, 2021

I look at 42 Dugg and give his son a hickey pic.twitter.com/DTELJezWpN

– ♧ ︎ (@Slxmebeezy_) July 31, 2021

42 Dugg as soon as his plane lands pic.twitter.com/bKeGxgKcZ8

– Timbo 🏁 (@Iamthetimby) July 31, 2021

I love 42 Dugg but this video with his son is weird. pic.twitter.com/MvjjzhFw8N

– ❤️ (@SipOf__TEE) July 31, 2021

I could have spent the rest of my life without seeing this video of 42Dugg licking his son’s nasty ass 🤢🤮🥴 like what made him think that was okay and posting it on pic.twitter.com / q47fjrAox7

– Bubbles 🦋 (@sweet_SINNAmon) July 31, 2021

After seeing what people were saying about his video, 42 Dugg returned to his Instagram story and hit fans in a profanity post for trying to claim that his actions were far from loving.

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