9 Conscious Consuming Hacks to Eat Proper and Lose Weight

Mindful Eating Hacks To Eat Right And Lose Weight

“Don’t eat less, eat right!” As you are trying to lose weight and get healthy in general instead of cutting out food, you are placing more emphasis on eating right. It is a fact that even if you did eat the healthiest foods, if you didn’t eat them mindfully, you would not achieve successful weight loss. You may have heard a lot about portion control and calorie deficit in relation to weight loss, but without mindful eating, these practices would be ineffective. One of the main reasons most weight loss diets fail to produce results is that people often eat thoughtlessly. We cannot stress enough how mindful eating can help you lose weight by being aware of the foods you are consuming and eating them without the distraction. Paying full attention to the taste, appearance, smell, and the way you feel is part of mindful eating. So in this post, we’ve listed 9 mindful eating hacks to help you eat right and lose weight.

Mindful eating isn’t a magical tool that will help you lose extra pounds instantly, but it does play an important role in reducing calories by promoting a healthy diet. It makes you more aware of the types of foods you eat, the amount you consume, prevents overeating, and helps you make the right type of food choices. It makes you more aware of clues from the satiety hormone “leptin” as to when to stop eating as soon as you are full. Mindful eating is not part of a new fad diet, it has always been the correct practice of eating, only we have conveniently given up the practice due to lack of time and other factors.

Since we have shown the importance of mindful eating in this post, we’ve listed 9 mindful eating hacks to help you eat right and lose weight.

9 Mindful Eating Hacks To Eat Right And Lose Weight:

1. Eating without distractions: One of the prerequisites for mindful eating – eat without distractions, i.e. turn off the television, keep the phone off and eat in peace so that you can keep the fork away as soon as the satiety hormone sets in and spoon, to avoid consuming additional calories.
2. Chew slowly: Research has shown that the brain has about 20 minutes to receive a signal from the brain that the stomach is full, and it is okay to stop eating now that the energy needs have been met . If you swallow food without chewing a bite, the more likely you are to miss this very important signal, and before you realize you have eaten too much. To eat mindfully, chew slowly, savoring each bite, making the entire digestive process easier.
3. When you feel like a snack, have a glass of water. This practice prevents unnecessary snacking and the need to consume unhealthy and high calorie snacks.
4. Take one bite at a time: from the above points, take one bite at a time, enjoy the quality and texture of the food, chew it properly, and only then move on to the next bite. You’d be surprised how little you can eat this way.
5. Eat with the other hand: An effective hack that will save you lots of calories by eating with the hand you use less or your non-dominant hand. Eating with the other hand would make hand-mouth coordination a little more difficult and you would automatically be eating mindfully and drastically reducing your calorie intake.
6. Eat with a fork instead of a spoon: Eating with a small fork can help you eat less, researchers say, and that’s because most people assume that spoon-eating is fewer calories and they do tend to overeat, and therefore eating them with a fork (especially a dessert) is a great way to become more aware of the amount of food you are consuming.
7. Eat structured foods: By opting for whole foods with some texture, we stay connected with the types of foods we consume. On the other hand, with liquid calories like fruit juices or soft, unstructured foods like mashed potatoes, it is extremely difficult to keep track of the calories.
8. Stick to Meal and Snack Timings: It’s always a good idea to set up and stick to meal and snack timings to avoid unnecessary snacking during the day. For more information, see the weekly weight loss diets in the Rati Beauty app.
9. Release emotions from eating: only eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored or under stress or for solace. Release foods from emotions to avoid stress and prevent weight gain. Read about 14 tips for controlling stress eating to lose weight.

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