9 Magnificence Merchandise You will Need To Present Your

Nine Beauty Products You'll Want To Show Your

For the first time in a long time, we’ve got that back to school feeling. You know it: Filled with fresh shoes that have never been scribbled in notebooks, untied shoes, crisp new denim and tingly anticipation. Fall in adulthood is usually punctuated by persistent whispers of this feeling, most noticeably every time we walk into a target or see a teenage boy dressed in uniform. But this year it feels really real when a lot of companies – including Glossier HQ! – go back to the office. So back to school turns back to work, crammed with all the familiar joys and a long list of employees we can’t wait to introduce ourselves to IRL. We’re a little rusty in terms of our socialization skills, so we’re piling up our beauty decks with loads of new products to show and tell. Do you need a fragrant midday refreshment? An emergency Zit solution? A chic, but functional, fantastic elastic replacement? Here’s everything we can’t wait to show off to our new Deskmates:

If you haven’t invested in makeup brushes … count your blessings. Because the collaboration between make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes and Spectrum, which began last year, meets all the criteria. Each brush is specifically designed by Hughes to meet a need in their kit (and often that need is for something multi-purpose) and is vegan, sustainably made, and downright beautiful. You can buy the full set of 25, but Hughes created their edited sets with the casual makeup wearer in mind.

Highlighter this, Highlighter that … Before you get tired of hearing about the product du Jour for glowing skin, give this subtle stick from Ami Cole the last word. Those who love to use a thick cream to thaw will love its clear, mild base. But it’s so much more than that! A touch of shimmering gold pearls that are so delicate that they really only look like wet skin make this highlighter something special. Imagine your most radiant complexion – then add it to the shopping cart.

At this point, there is no time to remember before you’ve counted cars – phone, keys, wallet, disinfectant – before walking out the door. And disinfectants have come a long way, baby! This one smells the best of all we’ve tried, especially in the fall and winter seasons. It’s pumpkin flavored, but not in a sticky, sweet kind of Bath and Body Works which is remarkable! Throw the Mini in your pocket for your colleagues’ long-awaited coffee breaks and amaze anyone who forgets their own home.

Did you know Dior’s cult favorite nail cream is now available in a simple, clean squeeze pen? The precision tip allows you to adequately moisturize each bed of nails so that you don’t waste any of the expensive goop inside. It’s also just more hygienic. You are thinking about these things now.

Each of them come with 42 sticky stickers. And the whole package will only cost you back six dollars. That’s just the genius of Charlotte Cho, founder of The Klog (and Soko Glam), pimple spots that are also transparent, have a thin beveled edge so they blend in easily, and vary in size from tiny to tiny. When you announce that you have 42 pimple patches on hand, you may find coworkers flocking around your desk at unusual times of the day. You want – no need! – a pimple plaster. And you just became employee of the month.

In 2019 you would have had a hard time stepping into a meeting room in the Glossier HQ and not seeing at least one candy-colored claw clip. But a year and a half later and our Instagram feeds are so saturated with clips that we long for something new. The French Pins from Mae Mae are similarly colored (diamonds), leave no creases (diamonds) and are – dare we say it – even easier to wear and use. It’s thin and flat so it fits easily in any cosmetic bag or purse, and it’s so darn versatile. If you fall into a rabbit hole exploring French pin hairstyles, you can even use it as a pickaxe to climb your way out.

To avoid smudging 4 p.m. make-up, there is a setting spray. But there isn’t really something you can apply at home in the morning to avoid an oily scalp at the end of the day. These mini dry shampoos are the perfect solution: Throw one in your gym bag and the other in your desk, and you’re ready for any spontaneous beverage emergency after work. It doesn’t hurt that Sam McKnight is a master of effortless tossing, and his oily mist adds a zhuzhed body too.

Falling fall temperatures add moisture, but a sprinkle of leave-in conditioner is like a booster for bounce and shine. This limited collaboration between Byredo (supplier of sophisticated but not serious fragrances) and Ouai (already known for making great smelling hair products) is like a hair perfume with extra pizzazz. It’s gently juicy and pleasantly woody, and we’d call it a skin fragrance if it wasn’t for … not your skin. It’s worth it for the complexity it adds to your fragrance profile alone! Also great to have on hand if you decide to go for a slick-back look later in the day.

What do you get when you combine two fashion editorial hairstylists and a global environmental crisis? These Rainbow Brite combs are recyclable and made exclusively from recycled plastics. After household and production waste has been procured and processed into small, colorful pellets, they are sorted by color and melted into marbled patterns that vary from aquatic to radioactive. Make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench is a fan, as is hairstylist Clara Leonard, who recommended the brand to us on set. And while the price tags of most luxury combs will leave you scratching your head in confusion, this one is only going to make you a cool $ 18.

Photo via ITG