‘After the Homicide of Albert Lima’ Evaluate: Justice His Personal Method

‘After the Murder of Albert Lima’ Review: Justice His Own Way

How far would you go for justice? For Florida-born Paul Lima, the answer is to Honduras and back.

In February 2000, Lima’s father, lawyer and businessman Albert Lima, traveled to the tiny Honduran island of Roatán to settle a debt. He never returned. A decade earlier, Albert Martin Coleman, his friend’s father, had given a $ 84,000 loan to the family’s bakery. But when Coleman’s father died and his brothers began running the bakery, regular loan payments were no longer made. When Albert went to the island to take control of the business, two of Martin’s brothers – Byron and Oral – brutally beat and shot him. In the years that followed, one of Albert’s murderers remained free and prompted his son to act.

Paul decides to travel to Roatán with two bounty hunters: Art Torres and Zora Korhonen – to arrest Oral. But their mission is far from easy. Directed by Aengus James and streamed on Crackle, “After the Murder of Albert Lima” is a darkly comedic documentary about true crime where the most exciting elements fade under the overzealous drama theme.

Paul’s plan to capture oral is incredibly inappropriate. Paul wants the bounty hunters to drug and kidnap Oral while armed guards surround the bar he visits. You arrive for the mission without weapons, handcuffs, or tape. They use inconspicuous camera pens for five days while James makes guerrilla films to not only collect evidence but also capture the action. But Paul’s obsessive desire often pushes him to put himself and his bounty hunters in danger.

When the director balances Adam Sanborne’s driving score with the danger of the trio, he adds an artificiality to their real endeavors. It doesn’t make Paul’s arduous journey nearly as fulfilling as the film’s cathartic ending. And in search of entertainment, this documentary loses sight of real grief and injures a ruined son.

After the murder of Albert Lima
Not rated. Running time: 1 hour 37 minutes. Watch out for crackle.