Biden Clashes With China and Russia in First 60 Days

Biden Clashes With China and Russia in First 60 Days

The path to power is to build new networks instead of disrupting old ones. Economists are debating when the Chinese will have the world’s largest gross domestic product – perhaps by the end of this decade – and whether they can achieve their other two major national goals: building the most powerful military in the world and dominating the race for key technologies by 2049. Anniversary of Mao’s Revolution.

Their power does not stem from their relatively small nuclear arsenal or their growing supply of conventional weapons. Instead, it stems from their growing economic power and the way they use their government-subsidized technology to connect nations like Latin America or the Middle East, Africa or Eastern Europe with 5G wireless networks that keep them ever closer to Beijing should. It comes from the undersea cables that they wind up around the world to make these networks run on Chinese circuitry.

Ultimately, it will come from how they use these networks to make other nations dependent on Chinese technology. Once that happens, the Chinese could export some of their authoritarianism, for example by selling facial recognition software from other nations that would enable them to contain dissent at home.

Because of this, Jake Sullivan, Mr Biden’s National Security Advisor, who was with Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken while meeting his Chinese counterparts in Anchorage, warned in a number of writings over the past few years that it could be a mistake to say so assume that China wants to prevail by directly taking over the US military in the Pacific.

“The central premises of this alternative approach would be that economic and technological power is more fundamental than traditional military power in building global leadership,” he wrote, “and that physical influence in East Asia is not a necessary condition for sustaining it.” such a guide. “

The Trump administration came to similar conclusions, but only released a real strategy for dealing with China weeks before leaving office. Attempts to strangle Huawei, China’s national telecom champion, and take control of social media apps like TikTok ended as a disorganized effort in which allies who thought of buying Chinese technology were often threatened and angry .

Part of the goal of the Alaska meeting was to convince the Chinese that the Biden government is determined to compete with Beijing across the board to offer competitive technologies like semiconductor manufacturing and artificial intelligence, albeit billions in spending on government-led research means development projects and new industrial partnerships with Europe, India, Japan and Australia.