Bowen Yang Addresses AAPI Hate Crimes on SNL Weekend Replace

Bowen Yang Addresses AAPI Hate Crimes on SNL Weekend Update

Bowen. Yang.

– Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) March 28, 2021

Bowen Yang is one of the funniest performers Saturday night live has seen the seasons, but on March 27th it took on a more serious tone to address mounting racism and hate crimes against Asian Americans. Yang joined Colin Jost and Michael Che on the Weekend Update, jokingly as “Asian Cast Member” on the series – and admitted that he gave Jost the title. Jokes aside, however, Yang’s segment focused on the resilience of the AAPI community and how people have to do “more” than absolutely necessary to support them.

“If someone’s personality beats Asian grannies, it’s not dialogue. I have an Asian grandma, you want to hit her, there is nothing in common, mom,” said Yang, referring to 75-year-old San Francisco resident Xiao Zhen Xie . “I see my friends donate and that’s great, but then I also tell them, do more. You order in Chinese restaurants? Great. Do more. Let me know when you feed your white chicken feet. You cried while Threatening? Congratulation. I sobbed into my boner for Steven Yeun. Do more. “

He continued, “So why are you telling me you gave your manicurist a good tip? Let me know if you get on your knees and scrub her feet while she looks at your cell phone. Do more.” Yang admitted that as a comedian he “doesn’t have all the answers,” but he knows he’ll find them by looking further than an Instagram post. “I’m not just looking for them online. I look around. The GoFundMe for Xiao Zhen Xie, the grandmother who fought back against her attacker, raised $ 900,000 which she immediately returned to the community. We’re like Asians there. Now come and meet us there. “