C.I.A. analyst Morgan Muir to run Biden’s each day briefings

C.I.A. analyst Morgan Muir to run Biden’s daily briefings

At the moment, Ms. Sanner was instrumental in providing Ms. Haines with full information on the efforts of the National Intelligence Service and working on the White House inquiries for new intelligence assessments.

“Beth Sanner is an exceptional professional intelligence officer who has served as Deputy Director of the National Intelligence Services for Mission Integration with honors,” said Ms. Schoch.

For nearly two years, Ms. Sanner, a CIA analyst, briefed Mr. Trump on an assignment that required her to endure the president’s digressions, abuse, and conspiracy theories about the 2016 and 2020 elections. After 20 months as president and top advisor to five different directors of the national intelligence agency, Ms. Sanner is ready to end her current role, according to an intelligence official who was not authorized to speak publicly.

Ms. Sanner could retire, but it is also possible that she may be offered another high-level intelligence position. Some of the President’s letters have held senior positions in the CIA, while others have directed other intelligence agencies.

Ms. Sanner, like most intelligence officers, was uncomfortable with media attention to her role in the Trump administration, which her colleagues did not do well for the intelligence community.

When Mr Trump was attacked for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, he blamed Ms. Sanner, if not by name, for a news broadcast that underestimated the dangers of the virus, a report that her defense lawyers were very skeptical of.

While all presidents are known to create bad days for senior intelligence officials, intelligence officials say no shorter president has had a more challenging job than Ms. Sanner. Until the last few months before the election, when he spoke frequently to his director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, Ms. Sanner was holding meetings for Mr. Trump twice a week.