CDC Funding Gun Violence Analysis For First Time in A long time

CDC Funding Gun Violence Research For First Time in Decades

This was the argument he used to persuade Congress to spend reasonable money on research into gun violence in 2019. The research itself was never banned entirely, and in 2013, weeks after the massacre that killed 26 people at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Barack Obama directed the CDC to reconsider funding studies on gun violence.

The agency commissioned a report from the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council that set out the priorities, but that little changed. By 2019, after the Democrats took back the house, liberal organizations like petitioned Congress to overturn the Dickey amendment. Almost every House Democrat has signed up.

Dr. However, Rosenberg argued that it should remain intact to “protect Republicans and gun-loving Democrats who can put money into science and tell their constituents,” This is not gun control money. “”

Representative Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat who chaired the House of Representatives subcommittee that oversaw the CDC’s budget at the time, said she put $ 50 million into the budget bill this year, but the Republican-controlled one Senate eliminated it. The two chambers reached a compromise of $ 25 million, but they hoped to double the funding this year.

Dr. Naik-Mathuria, the Houston trauma surgeon, said she would like Washington to address gun violence as an issue of injury prevention rather than policy. She began researching methods of reducing gun violence about six years ago after seeing “Children walked in dead for shooting themselves in the head when they found a gun at home”.

Her current study aims to determine risk factors for gun violence in children and adults, and her previous work has led to some changes in medical practice, she said.

Pediatricians in Texas, she said, are reluctant to talk about gun safety, fearing that “it would upset parents or become political”. So she and her group made a broader security video that included gun safety news – like locking and storing guns – with tips on how to keep children out of poison.