Chris Sails Uploads Attention-grabbing Video A Day After Queen Naija Buys Clarence A New Automobile!

Chris Sails Uploads Interesting Video A Day After Queen Naija Buys Clarence A New Car!

Chris Sails is reportedly asking the judge to let him use social media in his attack case

Roommates, IONO why, but celebrities have created a new trend when it comes to birthday gifts. Throughout the year we’ve watched celebrities get given cars with celebrities after their birthdays, and yesterday Clarence NYC, the Queen’s husband, was added to that list. As the couple celebrated their 27th birthday, it seemed like the celebrations had surprised them with a beautiful white corvette queen. See the car and its reaction below:

Of course, with a big surprise, some people may have felt a way. And from ‘some people’ I think you know who we are talking about. Coincidentally, Queen Naija’s ex and father of their eldest son Chris Sails uploaded a video that appears to be responding to Queens’ generosity. On an Instagram Live, Chris showed off tons and tons of blue hundred dollar bills and asked, “Why should I be crazy?” See this post below:

Might be random … but given Chris’ track record, chances are the video was an answer. As many of you know, Chris isn’t afraid to hit social media out to talk about his ISH! Especially when it comes to his ex-wife and Clarence NYC.

Clarence has not yet commented on Chris’ video. However, while Chris never said it was an answer, the timing is pretty interesting! Although Chris didn’t get a brand new Corvette, he has a lot to celebrate when he recently welcomed a second boy with a woman named Erica who comes to Italy. His youngest son is named Artist and we actually met Erica to get the tea about her dating story. Make sure you see the details here.

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