Christopher Krebs sues Trump marketing campaign, Newsmax and diGenova over election claims

Christopher Krebs sues Trump campaign, Newsmax and diGenova over election claims

Christopher Krebs, the former nation’s head of cybersecurity and infrastructure security, has slandered the campaign of President Donald Trump, a leading Republican attorney, and conservative journalist Newsmax for alleged conspiracy to defame him for testifying that the presidential election was facing interference from the Abroad are protected.

Krebs, the former official, said in his lawsuit on Tuesday that because of the defendants ‘”calculated and harmful conspiracy,” Krebs is at real risk of immediate harm from anyone who might attempt to respond to the defendants’ calls for violence. ” against him.

In fact, the suit says one of Cancer’s children asked, “Daddy is going to be executed?” When one of the presidential deputies, former chief federal prosecutor Joseph diGenova, suggested killing him in a way that has historically been used to deal with traitors.

His lawsuit notes that Trump fired him in a post following Cancer’s declaration on November 12 via Twitter. “Chris Krebs’ most recent statement on the security of the 2020 elections has been extremely inaccurate due to massive inadequacies and fraud.”

The lawsuit also notes that Republican attorney diGenova, who is allied with Trump’s campaign, singled out cancer during an appearance on “The Howie Carr Show” on Newsmax last week.

“He should be pulled and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot,” diGenova said on the show.

The lawsuit in Montgomery County, Maryland, where diGenova lives, states: “diGenova’s call for the plaintiff to be executed, as the defendant diGenova intended, was received by numerous angry Newsmax viewers as confirmation that the plaintiff was one of the” traitors “was who stole the plaintiff’s election of President Trump.”

“An angry mob immediately bombarded the plaintiff with a barrage of death threats and harassment that continues to this day,” the lawsuit said.

“The defendants’ threats have negatively impacted the plaintiff’s life and the safety of his family, causing serious fear, distress, suffering and even physical harm.”

After an uproar over his comments on cancer, DiGenova claimed he was joking that cancer should be cruelly killed.

The lawsuit asked a judge to order Newsmax to remove all records of diGenova threats from its website and seek monetary damages in excess of $ 75,000.

“No comment,” diGenova said in an email to CNBC when asked about the lawsuit that Krebs had previously proposed to file.

Trump campaign spokesmen and Newsmax spokespersons did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Jim Walden, Krebs’ attorney, said in a statement: “No one should be targeted and defamed as a” traitor “for faithfully performing public service duties.”

“This is what happened to Chris and Republicans across the country who, honestly and based on their extensive experience, uphold the integrity of the elections in the face of a misrepresentation of their results,” said Walden.

Krebs noted in his lawsuit that he is a lifelong Republican and a “patriot”.

Trump, his campaign and legal team, and millions of presidential supporters have refused to admit that President-elect Joe Biden won the election and are well on their way to having 306 votes on the electoral college when it meets next week. It only takes 270 votes for Biden to win the presidential race.

Trump and his lawyers claim he was bailed out of a victory by election fraud but have lost lawsuits to invalidate Biden’s votes.

The president recently relied on lawmakers and officials in several swing states to effectively undo Biden’s victory in those states with state lawmakers selecting a list of Trump voters for the electoral college. Trump’s allies are also looking to make one last attempt to get the US House of Representatives to undo Biden’s victory.