Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon on Discovering Their Chemistry


Image source: Will Heath / NBC

From that moment on, Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon shared the screen while he was hosting Saturday night live On February 6, it was clear that a match had taken place in heaven. Now the two step up each other and explain to the world exactly what seasoning in a commercial means for the new Tostitos Habanero flavor. The chips aren’t the only spice in their lives as everyone has had their fair share of “flavorful” roles over the years. “When I think of spices, I think of old movie stars. So I have to do a lot of old movie parodies SNL with women who the hell are just hot, “said Kate to POPSUGAR.” I obviously don’t have the breadth of sharp characters Kate does. And I hesitate to mention it in the same breath, “added Dan.

I’m not exactly blaming him for hesitation, given that Dan’s “spicy” character was on the other end of the spectrum from Kate’s old movie stars. “The only character I could think of was an insane killer I played in a Lifetime movie. He was very tactical and wanted to get Mischa Barton,” Dan said with a laugh of the 2012s Cyberstalker. “In the story, they let him murder their parents too. I looked over the script once and found that I must have done it when I was about eight for my character to do this to their parents. I think I was 22, when I played that role. That’s not sharp, that’s just a really bad role that I played at some point in my career. “Of course, Kate had to laugh when Dan ruled that role.

Image source: Frito-Lay
During our interview, it was difficult not to just sit and let Kate and Dan talk. That’s probably why Kate took the chance to work with him again for the campaign. “I’ve been in love with Dan from afar for many years. Only to hear that I might not just meet him, but play theatrically with him for a while. Dan, it was like a dream come true. And so it is.” far exceeded my expectations, “she said.” I mean, I know he’s both brilliantly and brilliantly funny. And obviously nice too, just because of the content of his work. It was just the greatest day we’ve had. ”

“I’ve been in love with Dan from afar for many years.”

When asked if their chemistry was natural or not together, Dan said, “A 100% no. I’ve never fought again.” In case you’re wondering, yes, that was a joke and he could barely finish his sentence before laughing again. “We knew we were advertising before I spent some time at SNL so it actually made up my time SNL I feel a little more secure because I spoke to Kate and really enjoyed the conversations we had, “he revealed.” And then of course it helps if you do something like the wedding sketch, which is so dependent on the dynamic. I think if you have the opportunity to do something like that and then do it with someone you really admire, it’s always a plus. “

As for future collaboration, it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the last part of this duo yet. “I mean, I turned to him once during the day and said, ‘I don’t want to go.’ I said, ‘When can we do this again?’ “Kate talked about the filming of” One Upper “. “I could do it forever,” added Dan. “But would I ultimately like to work with Kate again? Yes. The answer is a hundred percent yes. In fact, I started throwing her things when we were on the shoot.” Kate then immediately intervened: “You know what? They were all great.” To hold you up until your next project – which could be soon after the sound – you can check out the Tostitos Habanero commercial below.