DaniLeigh Confirms Being pregnant Rumors-Reveals She’s Anticipating First Little one With Gorgeous Picture Shoot (Pics)

DaniLeigh Confirms Pregnancy Rumors-Reveals She’s Expecting First Child With Stunning Photo Shoot (Pics)

The bump is out of the bag! DaniLeigh confirmed months of pregnancy rumors this morning by finally revealing that she is expecting her first child!

DaniLeigh made the big reveal with a stunning photo shoot. DaniLeigh was posing in front of a waterfall backdrop, her baby bump covered in wet white clothing.

The singer published the pictures together with the message on her social networks: “When you grow, so do my love, discipline and concentration.”

While fans got away with the positive news, it’s safe to say that they weren’t too surprised.

DaniLeigh had dodged cameras and pregnancy rumors for some time. The rumors started around spring when she was videotaped with a baby bump.

She also took to the stage to perform live in March, which further fueled the rumors.

After taking photos that seemingly disguised the bump or only captured her body from certain angles, she decided to haunt social media for a few days, with fans speculating that she may have taken the social break to herself prepare for delivery.

Then she wowed the fans on Friday morning with her pregnancy shoot.

Now fans are starting to speculate on who the father of their child is, though many believe she bears the seed of DaBaby when rumors began shortly after their public split in February.

The on-and-off couple split just days before Valentine’s Day after Baby told fans that the winner of his “Masterpiece” contest on Instagram would win a date with him for the romantic getaway.

Shortly after this post, Dani announced that she was officially single.

Regardless of this situation, we wish DaniLeigh a safe and healthy delivery. We’ll keep you up to date.

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