Do you Need to Be Hungry All Day To Lose Weight?

Do You Have To Be Hungry All Day To Lose Weight?

Absolutely not! The hunger signals the body gives are a sign that you need to refuel and provide calories from food to replenish energy. If a diet that you are following to lose extra pounds is based on the concept of starvation and food deprivation, it is not a healthy diet and you should stay away from it. On the contrary, one can lose weight successfully by feeding and nourishing the body with the right kind of food, ingested in optimal quantities. Feeling light-headed, having frequent passed out episodes, and feeling starved all day shouldn’t be part of an ideal weight loss plan. In fact, severely restricting calories could not cause you to lose significant weight. For those who follow the principle of staying hungry for most of the day in order to lose weight, they have absolutely started their journey on the wrong foot. Please understand that in order to function properly and burn calories, the body needs enough calories without which it will go into a fat preservation mode and refuse to let go of its fat storage. When someone is on a diet, they don’t have to eat cucumbers and tomatoes for the rest of their life. Cutting calories past 1200 is a self-defeating approach to cutting calories. No, it is not normal to be hungry for most of the day. Ideally, a well-balanced meal should leave you full and energetic enough not to feel hungry for three to five hours. In this post, we want to explain in more detail why you shouldn’t starve and be hungry all day in order to lose weight.

Why Shouldn’t You Starve Yourself To Lose Weight?

1. It Would Make You Gain Weight: The human body is wired in complex ways. If you try to deprive him of the necessary food and calories, he will slow down his metabolism to save energy and after a while, instead of burning calories, in the absence of optimal calories, the body would do everything possible to save energy and accumulate fat when there are enough calories in the system.
2. Your body needs food to function: From vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber, proteins – the body needs all of these nutrients in optimal quantities to perform every function – from pumping blood to breathing to burning fat. Without adequate nutrition from food sources, these functions would slow down significantly.
3. You will be too tired and exhausted to exercise: If you are not eating enough calories, you may feel too tired to do basic exercise and, in fact, lack the motivation to burn calories due to increased weakness.
4. Increased sugar and junk food cravings: Severe food withdrawal goes hand in hand with severe hunger pangs and an increased craving for sugar in order to gain energy quickly.
5. You will most likely overeat and overeat, mostly junk and high calorie foods.
6. You will start burning lean muscles, making you look toned: Nobody wants to lose weight to look weak with loose skin – we want to lose weight to look lean and toned, and that wouldn’t happen if you stayed hungry all day .
7. Slow Metabolism: A sluggish metabolism is the first side effect of staying hungry all day as the body, as mentioned above, slows down its metabolism to save energy.

What To Do To Lose Weight The Healthy Way:

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2. Do not eat less than 1200 calories: If you keep the number of calories below 1200, it will affect your metabolism, thyroid function and hormonal function. Make sure the system has enough calories to run all functions smoothly.
3. Follow Meal Times and Snack Times: Establish proper meal times and snacking routines for yourself, and your body will get used to this habit and not feel hungry outside of it.
4. Eat enough protein: Not only does this nutrient help build muscle, it also keeps the hunger hormone “ghrelin” in check, keeps you full longer and also helps with fat burning.
5. Eat enough fiber: It will keep you full longer, prevent hunger pangs, and keep the gut bacteria happy so that fat burning goes smoothly.

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