Energy Ebook III: Is Kanan Stark Primarily based on 50 Cent?

POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN, from left: Patina Miller, Mekai Curtis, Back in the Day ', (season 1, episode 101, aired July 18, 2021).  Photo: Cara Howe / Starz / courtesy Everett Collection

The latest installment in the 50 Cent (née Curtis Jackson) power saga, Power Book III: Raise Kanan, revolves around the genesis of the rapper character Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis). The Starz series delves into how Kanan became the infamous drug dealer he is today, taking us back in time to when Kanan was 15 and lived in Queens, NY. Given that 50 Cent is acting as both executive producer and narrator on the series, you might be wondering how much of the prequel is actually true.

Power Book III: Raise Kanan is loosely based on the childhood of 50 cents. In order to make Kanan’s story as believable as possible, the rapper drew from his personal experiences, which he grew up in the New York borough. In the premiere episode we see a young Kanan running home to his mother Raquel “Raq” Thomas (Patina Miller) after being beaten up by a few children in the park. Instead of comforting Kanan, Raq gives him a sock full of batteries and returns with him to the park to confront the children.

“These are real things, I really saw myself getting beaten up in the park before my mom sent me back to the park.”

“These are real things, like, I really saw myself being beaten up in the park before my mom sent me back to the park, and I was just more scared of her than the kids in the park, so I left back to fight them instead of dealing with my mom, “said 50 Cent Sky news. “And you deal with it and it kind of changes your perspective, for example, I’m not going to go back and whine to my mother for sending me back, I’ll just deal with it before she realizes that I’m scared or scared of the other Person, so it changed part of my character in the early stages. It was probably the greatest part of describing how my relationship with my mother was pretty early, you know, because she was the only provider, so she was like the source of all that is good. “

50 Cent’s mother, Sabrina Jackson, died when he was just 8 years old. He then lived with his grandparents, his mother’s friends stayed with him. In fact, it was his mother’s friends who taught 50 Cent to do whatever he had to do to make money. “I’m looking at my journey, some of the choices my mom made guided mine, and because people in their life had a display of financial freedom, they had these beautiful things in front of me,” said 50 Cent. “They have everything you could want, so it kind of got me down the same path and done different things, and you know, I just hit the roof and wanted to do more, so I’ve been into music and entertainment where we do things that completely exceed this level of success. “

Power Book III: Raise Kanan Premiere on Starz on July 18, with new episodes airing every Sunday.