Eric Ripert Lends His Identify to a Espresso

Eric Ripert Lends His Name to a Coffee

Coffee is one of the most complicated foods to eat: variables include the type of bean, its source, the roast, the grind, the brewing method, and the way it is served. Find a coffee that gives pleasure without much decision-making and you will become a loyal fan. The Central and South American coffee blend from Stone Street Coffee, an importer and roaster from Brooklyn, is just such a brew. The medium-roasted coffee is soft and balanced, with a hint of mocha sweetness and a lively taste, whether for espresso, French press or pour-over. These properties even applied to the Decaf version. Eric Ripert, the chef and owner of Le Bernardin, said he tried Stone Street Coffee back in 2016 and was delighted. He then began working with Johan Pesenti, the owner of Stone Street, to develop a blend for the restaurant that has served it for a year. Now it is also sold for home use, whole beans and ground (press, drops and espresso). It’s organic and kosher.

Stone Street Signature x Eric Ripert, $ 13.99 for 12 ounces,

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