FKA twigs Sues Shia LaBeouf, Citing Abusive Relationship

FKA twigs Sues Shia LaBeouf, Citing Abusive Relationship

But living with him was getting scary, she said. The lawsuit says that he kept a loaded gun by the bed and that she was afraid to go to the bathroom at night so he wouldn’t mistake her for an intruder and shoot her. He didn’t let her wear clothes to bed and led a minor disagreement – over an artist she liked, and he didn’t, for example – to a nightly fight that had deprived her of sleep, the suit says.

The situation came just as she was finishing her most acclaimed album “Magdalene”. Ms. Barnett said she was stasis, having difficulty performing her job duties, and confusing her friends and colleagues. “Twigs is always the driving force behind their careers – always one step ahead,” said their long-time manager Michael Stirton. “This was an extreme change in her personality and character.” The album’s release was delayed several times and a tour was postponed at a high cost, Mr Stirton said when Mrs Barnett resigned. “I could talk to her,” he said. “But I couldn’t reach her.”

As Ms. Barnett became more isolated, she said she felt that her safety nets were about to fall apart. The gas station incident happened in public, she said, and no one came to her aid. An early attempt to tell a colleague was abandoned. “I just thought to myself, nobody will ever believe me,” she said in an interview. “I’m unconventional. And I am a colored person who is female. “

With the help of a therapist, she slowly began to strategize her exit. While she was packing to leave in the spring of 2019, Mr LaBeouf showed up unannounced and terrorizing her in the lawsuit, according to an affidavit from a witness, her housekeeper. When Ms. Barnett refused to go with him, the statement said he “forcibly grabbed” her, picked her up, and locked her in another room where he yelled at her.

Escaping him appeared “both difficult and dangerous,” the lawsuit said. And even when she got determined, she felt overwhelmed, she told her therapist in an email checked by The Times. Despite having the funds, it took Mrs Barnett several attempts to break free, she said in an interview. And only then did she realize how broken she had become.

“The whole time I was with him I could have bought a business ticket back to my four-story townhouse in Hackney,” she said in London. And yet she didn’t. “He got me so deep that the idea of ​​leaving him and coming back to work just seemed impossible,” she said.