Get to Know Britney Spears’s Boyfriend, Sam Asghari

Get to Know Britney Spears's Boyfriend, Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari has been with Britney Spears since 2016. Over the years, we’ve only gotten a glimpse of their relationship from the photos they share on social media and the few public appearances they have made together. For the most part, Britney and Sam prefer to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, but Sam recently got his support for his other half following the release of the Framing Britney Spears Documentary.

Without revealing too many details, the 27-year-old admitted People a statement thanking Britney fans for all their love and support and expressing his hopes for “a normal, amazing future together”. In a follow-up to his Instagram story, he called Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, and said, “I have no respect for someone who tries to control our relationship and keep throwing obstacles in our way. In my opinion, Jamie is a total one d * ck. “Britney has not yet replied to the documentary herself.

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