Issues to Do at Residence

Things to Do at Home

Learn more about botanical art and pioneering scientists and artists like Maria Sibylla Merian, Marianne North and Rachel Ruysch during a virtual lecture by the London Drawing Group. The class, taught by artist Luisa-Maria MacCormack, and the first in a three-part series, covers the history of women in botanical art, walks participants through sketching their own pieces, and teaches basic watercolor techniques. Viewers are encouraged to prepare with a variety of plants – such as leaves, dried flowers, or houseplants – a selection of brushes and watercolors. This event is free to attend, but a $ 20 donation is recommended. Registration is required and the number of participants is limited to 500.

When 1:30 p.m.


Mix cocktails, enjoy a DJ set, and watch a live discussion on the climate crisis on a program presented by radio station KCRW and the National History Museum of Los Angeles County. Elle Nucci, owner of an event planning and catering company, teaches viewers how to create a Central Avenue drink at home, and radio host and DJ Francesca Harding will meet before a conversation between Leah Thomas, an environmental activist, and Nick Shapiro , Assistant Professor of Biology and Society at UCLA, moderated by Knatokie Ford, a biomedical scientist and founder of Fly Sci Enterprise. Brittney Parks, the songwriter and violinist who records as Sudan Archives, will close the evening with a musical performance. This event is free.

When 21 clock

Where and YouTube

Watch a discussion on the revival and reclamation of languages as part of the Mother Tongue Film Festival presented by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of American Indian, and the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage in association with the Endangered Languages ​​Project. The conversation will be moderated by Smithsonian curator Mary Linn and will include comments from Ruben Reyes, director of Garifuna in Peril, and Kari Chew, project director of Growing the Fire Within, an initiative to revitalize indigenous languages ​​for adults. Subtitles and ASL interpretation will be provided for this free event.

When 13 o’clock

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Spend the evening watching “Wojnarowicz”. a documentary about the artist David Wojnarowicz and the way his art and life were influenced by the AIDS epidemic. Glenn Kenny, who wrote in the New York Times, called the film “exemplary”. The film can be streamed online from the Film Forum in New York. The demonstrations last 48 hours from the time you watch it. Tickets are $ 12.