Jinkx Monsoon of RuPaul’s Drag Race Marries Michael Abbott

Jinkx Monsoon of RuPaul's Drag Race Marries Michael Abbott

By the time they checked out, his four-string rendition of the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Theme had captured your heart. Days later the two hands held through the streets of England and sang loudly. But with only two weeks before Mx. Hoffer’s UK tour was over and it wasn’t sure a relationship was possible either. Then, on their last night together, came an accounting.

“It was 3am and we were pretty wasted outside a bar called Glamorous Birmingham and it was raining and water was pouring down our faces,” Abbott said. “We had long talked about how difficult it could be to start something serious while living in different countries. But we immediately decided to exercise caution. “A long distance love built on frequent flyer miles and constant check-ins blossomed. The pandemic tried to stop it.

“Everything was great until the travel ban,” said Mx. Said Hoffer. From March to October 2020, the couple was stuck on different continents. “We skyped, we FaceTimed, we texted non-stop,” Abbott said until he could get permission for a 90-day trip to the US around Halloween. They had already talked about getting married.

“We had kind of a pre-engagement in early October where we figured if we can find out, let’s get married,” Mx said. Said Hoffer. Things got serious on Christmas Eve. “We said, OK, you have to fly home in about a month and we don’t know what will happen with the pandemic or when we can be together again, so let’s put some masonry in for our future.”

In handwritten vows dated January 6th, everyone addressed the concept of non-ownership engagement. “We both said in different ways, ‘We are not a fidgeting manifestation, we are two individuals who will remain two individuals who choose to live their lives together,” Mx said. Said Hoffer.