Lil Mama Claps Again At Jackée Harry After She Shades Her For Wanting To Begin A Heterosexual Rights Motion

Lil Mama Claps Back At Jackée Harry After She Shades Her For Wanting To Start A Heterosexual Rights Movement

Recently, Lil Mama made some comments on the LGBTQ community that did not go over well with some people. During an Instagram Live, she said, “When it comes to people who choose to be gay, lesbian, or change their sexuality and have the frame of mind of an adult, you can do it yourself. I have nothing against you. But when we talk about these babies we need to be very careful about what they are being fed. “

As previously reported, Lil Mama has made it clear that she supports this LGBTQ community and also has family members who are part of the community and that she is not trying to hurt anyone when she speaks. She just shared her opinion and feels that someone should not be able to choose their sexuality until they are in the frame of mind of an adult and can do so on their own.

Jackée Harry went to Twitter to indirectly share her opinion on the situation.

She said, “The lip gloss was never really that gaudy.”

As many of you know, Lil Mama’s breakout hit single “Lip Gloss” was released in 2008. In the song she raps: “They say my lip gloss is cool /” My lip gloss poppin ‘/ I’m standing at my locker / And all the boys stop. ”

Jackée continued to tweet: “Be true to yourself. You were made perfect. I love you the way you really are “

When Lil Mama got wind of what was being said, she answered Jackée and said:

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashely @ Jade_Ashley94