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A day bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that solves many problems, especially in a small house: in a secluded work area, it can serve as a sofa or ottoman. And if you have overnight guests, this room turns into a bedroom.

However, choosing the right one can be tricky as daybeds vary widely. Some are designed for a mattress while others look like extra deep benches.

The key, said Ryan Saghian, a Los Angeles-based designer, is “thinking about what you want to use it for” – and where you are going to put it.

“I use them all the time when I’m making large living spaces to connect two separate seating areas,” Saghian said. In this case, he prefers a sleek, bench-like daybed with no armrests or back to keep lines of sight open.

He also uses them in small bedrooms, caves, study and media rooms, where they provide additional seating during the day and additional sleeping space at night.

A day bed piled up with pillows “looks like a nice couch or bench,” said Mr. Saghian. But toss the pillows on the floor and “it turns into a bed.”

  • Should a daybed have arms and a back? That depends on how you’re going to use it, said Mr. Saghian. A day bed with back support can easily act as a chaise longue.

  • What is the ideal seat height? At least 16 inches and “never go higher than 18 inches.”

  • How many pillows should there be on top? “A lot,” said Mr. Saghian. “I don’t want it to look like a day bed – I want it to look like a luxurious sofa.”

Daybed with integrated side table by 365 ° North for WON

$ 2,033 at the Danish Design Store: 866-260-6978 or danishdesignstore.com

Day bed with side and back support

$ 699 at article: 888-746-3455 or article.com

Upholstered day bed with wooden base by Jannis Ellenberger

$ 1,099 at CB2: 800-606-6252 or cb2.com

Day bed for a double mattress

$ 998 at Anthropologie: 800-309-2500 or anthropologie.com

Minimalist day bed with ribbed pillow by Anita Johansen for Menu

$ 2,895 at Design Within Reach: 800-944-2233 or dwr.com

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