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Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm Review Photos Price

I am here to share my experience Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm. Lotus Herbals used to be my favorite college skincare brand. The beauty parlor near my college campus had its own Lotus Herbals counter, and the shop assistants were cute.

Of course, we headed towards the well-stocked Lotus corner, leaving the other brands behind. I fell in love with the Lotus facial cleansers and matte sunscreens. Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm was also a huge hit among my friends.

I have made it my goal to apply this lip balm to my lips every night to combat the annoying pigmentation on the lips. Later many other brands came out with their lip care lines and I switched to them.

The pot I’m showing you today is from last winter’s skin care purchases. I was already halfway through the tub. The balance will be over this winter. If you are looking for an honest review of Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm, please read on.

Via Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm

Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm makes your lips healthy and smooth. It moisturizes dry lips, prevents your lip skin from bursting and protects your lips from cold and dry wind.

Main ingredients: strawberry extract, honey, jojoba oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil

Packaging: This lip balm comes in a clear plastic pot. Once you have opened the yellow plastic lid, you can access the lip balm directly. The brand did not provide a different plug cap. This type of packaging is not very hygienic.

The product often comes into contact with air and our fingers. To increase the shelf life of tub products, stronger preservatives are needed. In terms of ingredient details, Lotus only gives names of the herbal ingredients in the cardboard flap of this lip balm.

You didn’t mention the basic ingredients and preservatives for this lip balm.

Color & Consistency: This lip balm looks bright red in the pot. However, the color does not carry over to the lips. This is basically a transparent lip balm.

I like the thick jelly consistency. It is thicker than regular petroleum jelly. Its waxy nature moisturizes the lips well. This is a great lip balm for dry lips in winter.

Scent: Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm has a sweet strawberry scent. The smell is very similar to the food grade strawberry flavors used in confectionery. The scent isn’t overwhelming.

I love strawberry-flavored sweets. Of course, the smell attracts me.

Quantity & Price: This lip balm comes at Rs.155 for 5g. The price is comparable to lip balm sticks like Vaseline, Nykaa and Maybelline. For a potty lip balm with no shade, the price could have been lower.

Lotus offers a 20-25% discount on sale times. If this is what you want to try, wait for online deals.

My general thoughts

As I mentioned before, this Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm used to be my favorite college lip balm. At the time, I had no idea about product ingredients, the use of preservatives and other ingredients. I didn’t choose products that smelled good, looked good, and were loved by my friends.

For the most part, harsh detergents, comedogenic creams, etc., gave me a bad bout of acne or dry spots on my oily skin. Lip products were the only things that showed some results.

Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm’s thick and moisturizing formula instantly satiated my super dry lips in winter and helped heal chapped lips in 2-3 days.

Even now, I use this rigorous ad that heals chapped lips pretty quickly. My mom doesn’t like this because her lips are naturally moist. My aunt, just like me, loves this as it prevents the lips from becoming dehydrated. I apply it in a thick layer before bed. I wake up with softer lips.

My lips often get pigmented when I skip lip balm at night. This strawberry flavored lip balm will make your lips look fuller with regular use. It does not cure pigmentation, but it does reduce the darkness caused by dryness.

This is a good lip balm to try if you ignore the cloudy ingredients list. I love this lip balm. Nevertheless, I won’t buy another tub because of it. I think Lotus Herbals should disclose all of the ingredients for this balm.

Rating: 3/5