Love Letter: Lastly Assembly Mr. Proper

Love Letter: No Limitations on an Interabled Couple’s Love

Amre Klimchak, the author of this week’s essay on modern love, had almost given up on finding a life partner. While grappling with her father’s death, a lengthy breakup, and the realization that her career had stalled, she met a man 13 years her junior whose interest would prove real and lasting.

Randy Nuñez and Sasha Nuñez-Carvalho were 4,000 miles apart on their wedding day. The couple, both in the Navy, had postponed their wedding twice before enlisting the help of Chris and April Coen, owners of a Montana wedding planning firm that specializes in double proxy marriages. On October 20, when Ms. Nuñez-Carvalho was stationed in Europe and Mr. Nuñez was quarantined with the coronavirus in San Diego, the Coens stood in their place and signed their Montana marriage certificate.

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And while this year has brought a lot of disappointments and disasters, many have learned to appreciate the little moments of joy that emerged during the quarantine. We asked readers to name one good thing that happened this year. One woman said: “After 47 years of marriage I have learned to appreciate my husband.” Here is a selection of other silver linings from 2020.

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