Made For Love: What We Know About Season 2 on HBO Max

Made For Love: What We Know About Season 2 on HBO Max

HBO Max’s science fiction thriller Made for love is the kind of intriguing, curvy story that seems tailor-made for a multi-year run. At the moment, we don’t know if the show will be renewed for a second season, but chances are they’re probably pretty good.

There is currently no word one way or another – no cancellation, but no renewal messages either. This is pretty typical of most streaming shows, which often don’t receive renewal announcements until a few weeks or even a few months after their season finale. There’s still a lot to tell for the creative team, however, and they have purposely left things open for another season, despite the fact that the novel the show is based on is a stand-alone book.

Until the end of the first season, there are still a lot of loose ends dangling for the characters of Made for love. After Hazel almost escapes, he returns to Byron (aka “Greg Benson”) when he reveals that her father Herbert is dying of pancreatic cancer. When she returns with him, he will use whatever technology is available to him to save Herbert’s life. There’s still a lot to unzip when the show is refreshed!

“I think there are some questions, especially with Byron, how he is, how he is. People were asking, why doesn’t he know who Willy Wonka is? Like, who is this guy? Is the Greg Benson thing real “And I’ll say that’s something we want to address in Season 2, among other things, but that’s sure to be one of the things,” showrunner Christina Lee told Deadline after the finale.

It’s not just Hazel and Byron whose stories are up for a possible second season. For Herringbone and Fiffany, who were last seen when they were sent to the “cube,” this is just the beginning. “It’s the only place they don’t know what’s inside. They don’t know what’s in there, they don’t know how it works or how to get out. The question will be, how do they get out when they do anyway, and what will happen if Fiffany finds out Herringbone is why she’s there in the first place? ”Lee told TVLine. At the moment all of these questions are unanswered, but hopefully we’ll have a chance to find out what, if, and when happens next Made for love gets a second season!