Martha Stewart Owns Over 70 Bottles Of Fragrance

Martha Stewart Owns Over 70 Bottles Of Perfume

In a recently published Allure profile by Martha Stewart, the housewife mogul revealed that she owns around 70 bottles of perfume. (That’s neither a typo nor the title of a drinking song.) While much of her routine doesn’t seem to have changed since her Top Shelf in 2015 – Martha still seems to be a fan of Skinceuticals, Mario Badescu, and Clé de Peau – the one above In addition, extensive fragrance collection came from the left field. At least for me. I know a rose with a different name smells just as sweet, but you see, I want names. So inspired by this tweet, I started to identify her.

I am ashamed to say that I can’t get very far with that alone. Martha appears to be a woman with a niche perfume taste … although a handful of fragrance classics come in multiples. In the back left I see a large bottle of Dior Joy, in front of two (maybe three?) Bottles No. 5 a Chanel chance. The two black bottles with the pink labels on the far right are Fracas de Robert Piguet hairmists (which I narrowed down because her love for Piguet was mentioned in the article) which are half the price of their peers’ Eau de Parfum. I love that for Martha.

Can you help with the rest? It absolutely kills me that I can’t identify the one with the upturned semicircle in the center back. I also suspect that the big glass bottle of blue stuff and the pretty rose with the front face were decanted, but I could be completely wrong. (Please prove me wrong!)

“But Oshinsky.”

Photo via Allure