Maureen Dowd Talks ‘Mare of Easttown’ With Kate Winslet

Maureen Dowd Talks 'Mare of Easttown' With Kate Winslet

“I think my days get counted a bit when I do nudity,” she said. “I just don’t feel so comfortable with it anymore. It’s not even really a matter of age. There comes a point where people will say, ‘Oh, here she is again.’ ”She jokes that it’s not fair to the cameramen to have to work to get the best angles while their bodies are changing .

Ms. Winslet has a daughter, Mia, 20, with her first husband, Jim Threapleton, a director she met on the set of Hideous Kinky. She has a son, Joe, 17, with Sam Mendes, her second husband. And she also has a son, Bear, 7, with her current husband, who has returned to his original name Edward Abel Smith from his playful pen name Ned Rocknroll.

“He added ‘Winslet’ as one of his middle names simply because the kids have Winslet,” said the actress. “When we all travel together, it makes life easier when everyone has that name in their passport.” (Bear’s middle name is Blaze, after the fire that Kate and Ned escaped and that was the house of Richard Branson, hers uncle Man who burned down in the British Virgin Islands.)

“He’s the super hot, superhuman dad who stays home,” she said of her husband, smiling happily. “He takes care of us, especially me. I said to him earlier: ‘Neddy, can you do something for me?’ He just said, ‘Everything.’ ”She passes out when she finds that his long hair now gives him the appearance of an“ ocean warrior ”.

She breaks into a song and sings that they go together like “shama lama ding dong”. “He’s an absolutely extraordinary life partner,” she said. “I’m so, so, so lucky. For a man with severe dyslexia like him, he’s great at testing me online. It is so difficult for him to read aloud, but he still does it. “

She added that “he did not particularly plan to meet and marry a woman who was in public and was therefore judged to be so.” She finds it amusing that instead of being rock ‘n’ roll, he’s very zen. “He is vegan, does yoga, breathing exercises and swims in cold water.”