Parachute Superior Cocolipid Waterlily Physique Lotion ReviewBe Beautilicious

Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion ReviewBe Beautilicious

Today I came up with the rating of Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion. People with dry skin like mine need to apply a layer of moisture regardless of the season.

Be it the hottest summer day or a day full of cold, body lotions are my absolute companions. My body skin is not sensitive. I’m free to choose brands without thinking too much about skin problems like body acne. Vaseline, Dove, and Parachute are my favorites in the body lotion category.

My skin loves the parachute body lotions infused with coconut cream. This review is about the water lily variant from the Parachute Wide Body Lotion collection. Here’s what I have to say about Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion.Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion

About Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion

Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion is enriched with the groundbreaking Coco Lipid formula and rejuvenating water lily. It goes 10 layers deep into the skin to give you 2x shine so your skin compliments your trendy clothes and helps you look your best! It’s very light, non-sticky, and clinically proven to moisturize up to 10x in just 1 week. It is suitable for all skin types.

Packaging: This body lotion comes in a white plastic bottle with a light blue hinged lid. This lotion also has a 400 ml pack with a pump dispenser. The shape of the bottle resembles an abstract female figure.

I love the unique shape of parachute lotion bottles. Information, instructions for use and a full list of ingredients as well as other informative details can be found on the packaging labels. You can easily take the travel-proof bottle with you anywhere.

If the product is just above the floor on a 400 ml pump bottle, the pump will not be able to pick up the product. You need to open the mouth of the bottle and scoop up the product with a spoon.

It’s pretty messy at times. This does not happen in a 250ml bottle because the pump is not there.Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion

Color & Consistency: Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion is pure white in color and has a medium to thick consistency. It is a purely vegan-friendly body moisturizer. The formula is free from mineral oil, but paraben as a preservative. The lotion is quite creamy and moisturizing. It’s perfect for dry skin.

Scent: It has a nice floral scent. The soapy clean scent lets me smell fresh all day on sweat-free winter days. The scent doesn’t last that long in summer, however. If you like mild floral scents, try this one.

Quantity & Price: This body lotion costs Rs.199 for 250ml. The 400ml size costs Rs.299. It is an inexpensive body lotion among the generally available inexpensive body lotions. However, you will always see this product with lucrative discount offers online. This is the cheapest body lotion range during online festive sales.

My general thoughts

I’m on my third buyback of Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion. I first bought it when it was a new start.

It went great so I bought the large 400ml pump bottles two more times in a row. This time the 400 ml bottle was out of stock, so I had to buy the smaller pack.

As I mentioned earlier, my skin is dry. In the summer I prefer non-sticky, light body lotions. In winter I have to use body lotion or body butter with a heavier formula.

This lotion fits the medium to heavy category. It is thicker than summer body lotions like Parachute Summer Fresh or Vaseline Aloe Fresh. But it’s not as thick as the body.

Parachute Advanced Cocolipid Waterlily Body Lotion makes you feel sweaty on wet days. It’s a great moisturizer for winter. I like to apply body moisturizers right after a shower when my skin is slightly damp.

This way the skin stays moist for a long time. Aside from parabens, this is a good body lotion for dry skin.

Rating: 4/5