Prince William and Kate Middleton UK Royal Practice Tour Photographs

Prince William and Kate Middleton UK Royal Train Tour Photos

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have embarked on their three-day national royal tour aboard the Royal Train.

Kate and William will travel 1,250 miles over three days on a national tour to thank individuals and communities for their work during the coronavirus pandemic. On December 7, 2020, the couple set off from London’s Euston Station, where they began with a special tribute to the transport workers at Transport for London and Network Rail and spoke to the workers about their experiences as key workers during this difficult year. They were also surprised with a special performance of “Merry Christmas Everyone” by Shakin ‘Stevens.

To celebrate their arrival and the start of the tour, Network Rail staff changed the Euston departure board to saying, “Warmerhampton instead of Wolverhampton, Coventry Carol instead of Coventry and Northpolehampton instead of Northampton.” Prince William has taken a few train trips before, but this is believed to be Kate’s first.

Kate and Williams’ first stop aboard the Royal Train is Edinburgh, Scotland. According to the Royal Instagram account, “They will meet frontline workers, teachers, psychiatrists, caregivers, school children and youth across England, Scotland and Wales to convey the nation’s thanks for their efforts this year.” Take a look at all the photos from your previous train tour in advance.