Queen Naija Offers Heartfelt Efficiency At Lyric Chanel’s Celebration Of Life Ceremony

Queen Naija Gives Heartfelt Performance At Lyric Chanel’s Celebration Of Life Ceremony

Roommate, a few weeks have passed since Lyric Chanel sadly passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer and a special ceremony to celebrate her life. Some celebrities including Queen Naija performed. Queen Naija gave a very heartfelt performance as she sang to honor the memory of the young Lyric Chanel, whose life was tragically cut short.

Lyric Chanel, 13, struggled for two long years after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Unfortunately, she passed away after her family recently confirmed that her condition had worsened in recent weeks. She was officially buried at her funeral service, which could be viewed via livestream, as many around the world wanted to pay their respects to the teenager.

Queen Naijia, who wore an all-white suit, sang her heart out and played the classic gospel song “I Won’t Complain” which was definitely very emotional as Lyric always managed to smile and deliver positivity even during her time project final moments.

As we reported earlier, Lyric Chanel lost her battle with brain cancer on March 5th. The news was confirmed on her Instagram account. “She rests so peacefully and so beautifully. I can see your halo baby Heaved won a beautiful angel this morning, ”was the message.

Shortly before her death, her mother shared a message that she only had a few days to live. The message read, “I just got word from Dr. that Lyric is dying and has only days to live. These are the hardest words to hear.”

We would like to continue to express our condolences to Lyric Chanel’s loved ones during this difficult time.

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