Saye Yabandeh Jeffrey Neal Say I Dos with Richard Branson

Saye Yabandeh Jeffrey Neal Say I Dos with Richard Branson

“He said,” Don’t worry about bringing a lot of clothes, people don’t really care about getting dressed here, “she said.” I thought what does that mean? I got to the airport and asked a woman, who worked there, where is the lounge? She said, “Which lounge? There are only two gates here.” At that point, it started to sink and it was going to be a big change. ”

“I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I was in love so everything was easy,” she continued.

He suggested almost a year to go to the day they met on the way to Aspen. They wanted to get married on a yacht on the French Riviera in June 2020, but Covid-19 put an end to that idea. Instead, they decided to flee to the British Virgin Islands, just the two of them.

But the bride had something up her sleeve. And this is where Richard Branson comes in again. Dr. Neal had long admired Mr. Branson, particularly his “entrepreneurial skills and adventurous spirit”.

So Ms. Yabandeh decided to see if Mr. Branson would be available for an unofficial position. He cannot legally marry couples, but he has been known to perform ceremonies, particularly for Larry Page, a Google founder, and actress Kate Winslet, who married Mr. Branson’s nephew Edward Abel Smith.

On December 8, they flew to Necker Island, Mr. Branson’s private island in the Caribbean. Dr. Neal had no idea why a man who vaguely looked like Richard Branson was waiting for her.

“I was down to earth,” said Dr. Neal when he finally realized it was really Richard Branson. “I could not believe it. But I could at the same time, because Sayé is a woman who makes the impossible completely possible. “

After spending a few nights on Necker, the couple flew to Tortola on December 14 and were legally married there by Patricia Nadim, who signed her marriage certificate with the Registrar General Office. They will both use the surname Neal-Yabandeh.