See John Krasinski Put Phrases to the Workplace Theme Music on SNL

See John Krasinski Put Words to the Office Theme Song on SNL

This was the original @ theofficetv theme song. Don’t ask questions.

– Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) January 31, 2021

Everyone knows the well-known melody of The officeJohn Krasinski decided to give it a little more flair even though he’s already an icon. In a sketch for the January 30th episode of the SNL episode, John, who served as the host, remixed the theme song and added a series of funny “lyrics” in the form of observations to the clips that appear in the show’s opening credits.

“Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton”, he begins the “long lost lyrics” of the song to the rhythm of the music. “That’s where we all live and work – that’s a calculator. There’s Dwight, he’s the bad guy, and the hero’s name is Jim!”

There’s more to it, and while it’s extremely catchy, it’s definitely better to hear than read. Listen to the entire “original” The office Theme song as written and performed by John Krasinski in the clip above (and don’t miss his opening monologue which included a very memorable kiss).