‘Sesame Avenue’ Introduces 2 New Black Characters To Assist Clarify Racial Variations To Children

‘Sesame Street’ Introduces 2 New Black Characters To Help Explain Racial Differences To Kids

“Sesame Street” makes it clear that they are seeing color and it is definitely something that the show is celebrating. The long-time popular children’s program has introduced two new black characters to help explain racial differences to children.

Sesame Street combats racial differences directly in its Coming Together initiative, including The ABCs of Racial Literacy, which openly discusses what “I don’t see color” avoids, reports CNN.

The series’ two new Muppet characters, Wesley Walker and his father Elijah, have been added to answer questions about what racial differences mean. The muppets are black and have black features.

In her first episode, Elmo learns what makes a black person a black person. When Elmo asks Wesley and his father why their skin is brown, Wesley replies enthusiastically, “I know why, Elmo. My parents told me it was because of melanin. Right dad? “

Elijah goes on to decompose how melanin determines the color of skin, as well as the hue of a person’s eyes and hair.

“Color of skin,” says Elijah, “is an important part of who we are, but we should all know that it’s okay for us to all look different in so many ways.”

You can see the cute conversation below:

Sesame Street is known for its pioneering ways to tackle a wide variety of topics in order to educate children and be inclusive.

In addition to helping children understand racial differences, Wesley and Elijah will help start these conversations at home for parents who may not be as well equipped to discuss them.

We are definitely here for that and look forward to seeing more of Wesley and Elijah!

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