The Boutique Proprietor With A Routine For Each Event

The Boutique Owner With A Routine For Every Occasion

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“Hello! I’m Telsha Anderson (@telshaanderson). I own ta, a women’s boutique based in New York. I wear a lot of hats at ta, and a lot of my daily job is doing business. It is not the most exciting, but it is necessary! I also source and carefully select everything we sell from clothing to decor. High on the walls is black art and the store is really representative of my tastes and community. As a black woman In America today (and yesterday) it is a blessing to wake up in the morning and have a place to go, every day is a new day to overcome the hurdle for me and on my own terms.

I live in Harlem with my sister and we always share products and beauty advice. She introduces me to various beauty influencers on YouTube and Instagram and sends tips and tricks from all over the room via DM. Skin care and beauty have always been a big deal in my family. When we were growing up, my mom took me and my sister (and brother!) To a dermatologist for facials and she helped us buy products to help set up our routines. It was important to them that we take care of ourselves by elevating our bodies spiritually and physically. Now I have a lot of different routines based on what I have to do each day, and I give them all names: there are “Get out the door”, “Treat yourself, put your money in bed” and routine my personal favorite, Monday afternoon.

My “out the door” routine starts with a nice eight-minute shower. I use Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar to wash my face, drown myself in Keri Lotion, and apply the Blemish Control Booster and Rose Ingleton MD Skincare Signature Moisturizers. I discovered this brand via quarantine when Amanda Murray was with Dr. Ingleton did an Instagram Live – helping a black woman in beauty is high on my list, and now I’m excited about the product. To style my hair, I use Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Strengthing Edge Gel. The brand was started by a black woman named Monique Rodriguez, and this stuff smells amazing, won’t flake, and lasts for an eight hour day. For everyday life I apply Bobbi Browns Skin Foundation SPF 15 in Cool Almond on the Primer Plus Mattifier and wipe over a Glossier Lash Slick. Then I put on Rose Balm Dotcom and walk out the door.

When working from home, I usually indulge myself in the Monday min-afternoon routine after answering a few emails. I start with the Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, which I steal from my sister. Then I make a mask – either Eve Lom’s rescue mask or Origins’ 10 minute mask. As I get older, I learn that what worked for me when I was 18 may not help my skin now. But the exception is the Origins mask – I’ve been using it since I was a kid and my favorite thing about it is that it works quickly and lets you know when it will come off. For an increase in midday moisture, I add Eve Loms TLC Cream. I always have a mini edge control brush handy when I need touch-ups.

When I’m in the store, I interact with people (who wear a mask!) Between 11am and 5pm. It’s hard to really stop working when I get home. This is where the Take Your A $$ To Bed routine comes into play. Lately, I’ve been enjoying my peloton riding late at night – I’m going to be jumping on Netflix and doing some binge and that effectively keeps me from opening emails in bed. I also got into Pinterest and made about five different boards in the past month. If I’m up after 2am, the first step before bed is to wash my face with Eve Lom’s cleanser. After 27 years of searching, I can confidently say that there is nothing like it on this earth – the mixture of oils (clove, eucalyptus, Egyptian chamomile, hops) and cocoa butter softens and soothes my skin. It never takes off and naturally encourages my skin to be its best self. I love this product so much that after paying an additional fee to avoid TSA throwing away a jumbo sized tub that I accidentally put in my carry-on bag, I love this product. Then I use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl and seal it with Eve Loms Radiance Face Oil. I’ve seen a tremendous increase in my skin hydration since using this one; There is nothing better than knowing that a product actually works.

I try to get a manicure every two weeks. I use my hands every day to pack goods, to pull things off the shelves to propose them to customers, or to answer emails and when I look down on them I like to feel a touch of joy. Manicure is always at the top of my to-do list and budget breakdown, and my nail artist is called Miki. She’s always coming up with new designs and her attention to detail is unlike anything I’ve seen – especially because I have short nails. During the quarantine, I had plenty of time to experiment with different hair products and was determined to find out what worked as part of my post-quarantine glow. The women in my family are obsessed with the Honey Fresh Clarifying Shampoo and Make It Rain Conditioner from Taraji P. Henson’s hair care line TPH. Both leave my scalp refreshed and my hair hydrated. I am sure that many black women can testify how difficult it is to find products that really work for our beautifully layered hair.

My general beauty philosophy is to accept change. That’s why I’m always open to learning about new products and technologies from people I trust. Other than that, my best beauty advice is to listen to your mom (the first time!) When she says you are wearing the wrong keynote. There’s still an old school picture hanging in my parents’ hallway that made me look like a ghost. Shade matching was always a big deal for my mom – whenever she went on a date with my dad, she used the opportunity to explain the importance of matching your makeup with your clothes. My sister and I sat in her bathtub and laughed at how long it had taken her to get ready and how she had secretly tried to match my dad’s outfit too! I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning from her – or stealing products from her drawer at home. “

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