The Mandalorian: Will Child Yoda Be in Season 3?

THE MANDALORIAN, the child (aka Baby Yoda),

The Mandalorian caused a lot of surprises for fans on the final episode of episode two, but the biggest question we have after “Chapter 16: The Rescue” is possibly the most important: Will Baby Yoda be back in season three?

Baby Yoda has been by Mando’s side since the first episode of season one, and while we knew they’d eventually split up once Mando completed his mission of bringing 50-year-old Tyke to his people, we didn’t think so would be soon! In the November 27 episode of the series, Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) revealed that Baby Yoda, aka the Child, aka Grogu, needed to contact the Force to find another Jedi master to train him in it will use his considerable abilities. The reveal accelerated the clock for the pseudo father-son duo split, and that clock will run out in the season two finale.

When Mando, Boba Fett, Bo-Katan, Koska Reeves, Cara Dune and Fennec Shand jump on Moff Gideon’s ship to rescue Baby Yoda from his clutches, the mission is supported by a mysterious Jedi who saves everyone from a train of dark soldiers . He turns out to be a young Luke Skywalker who sensed Baby Yoda’s call through the Force and tracked him down to the Imperial ship. After a tender farewell between Mando and the child, Luke vows that he will give his life to protect Baby Yoda and leaves with his new precious cargo. Mando sets out with Bo-Katan and Koska to reclaim Mandalore in repaying her help in rescuing Baby Yoda, and that seems to be the end of his brief parenting journey. But that can’t be the last time they’ll see each other. Mando promised!

While Mando and Baby Yoda’s shared adventures are arguably the show’s biggest draw, there are still plenty of stories to tell in the upcoming third season. But we can’t help but hope that the story somehow involves Grogu. We tied ourselves to the little guy! But realistically, it doesn’t seem like Mando and the child will breed again anytime soon. We know Luke has started his assignment, and Grogu will likely join that when he starts his training. Mando doesn’t even have a way to find her as he has no connection to the Force like Grogu and Luke!

It looks like this is the end of the series for the two of them, and it’s highly doubtful that we’ll see the little green guy in season three. Maybe in season four or in the later series finale whenever that happens. At least we will always have the memories, right?