The N.B.A. Misses Klay Thompson

The N.B.A. Misses Klay Thompson

Thompson, who stays in a walking shoe, added that he wasn’t ready to make his cameo, but then saw that the network had created a branded “Reporter Klay” background for him.

“Someone went to great lengths to make this happen,” he said flatly, “so I felt bad about not fulfilling my end of the deal.”

Myers compared his job as general manager to putting together a puzzle: Suppose the puzzle is missing a random piece on the right. Although the missing piece might stand out, Myers said, the general idea of ​​the puzzle would still be intact.

Suppose the puzzle is missing one of the corners.

“If you walked into the room and looked at it, you’d say, ‘Where’s the corner piece?'” Myers said. “And I would say, ‘Well, I can’t find it.’ And you’d say, “Well, the puzzle looks screwed up.” And I would say, “It didn’t get in the box!” But I know it stands out. Klay is a corner piece. “

The Warriors were missing two corner pieces last season. Curry was sidelined for five games due to a broken left hand. Thompson split his time between San Francisco and Los Angeles as he focused on rehabilitation for his knee. He watched from afar as the Warriors ended with the worst record in the league.

“It’s pretty abrupt to get into the season from five finals in a row,” said Myers, “and I think he was just working on how to do it mentally.” I can’t speak for him, but I think he was trying to figure out where to be and it was a challenge. “

This season, Curry has returned to its usual form, and the Warriors – with several new pieces – have been largely competitive after a rocky start. At the same time, Thompson was much more consistently present in the team and sat on the bench at home games – which he did much less often last season.