Tom Cruise Erupts at ‘Mission: Unattainable’ Crew Over Covid-19 Breach

Tom Cruise Erupts at ‘Mission: Impossible’ Crew Over Covid-19 Breach

Actor Tom Cruise recently broke out on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 for violating Covid-19 protocols among crew members to prevent further disruption of a film whose production has already been delayed by the pandemic.

“We’re creating thousands of jobs,” says the film’s star Mr. Cruise in a leaked audio clip that is littered with explosives. “I never want to see it again! Ever! And if you don’t, you’re fired! “

The recording was released on Tuesday by The Sun, a British tabloid, and its authenticity has been confirmed to the New York Times by two sources close to the film. According to a source, Mr. Cruise spoke to members of the Mission: Impossible 7 crew about a breach of Covid-19 protocols on the set in London and further details were not immediately available.

Mr. Cruise apparently got angry after seeing two crew members standing together at a computer screen, in violation of an on-set rule that requires people to stand about three feet apart, The Sun reported.

Paramount Pictures declined to comment, and The Sun did not say when the picture of Mr. Cruise, 58, was taken. Reuters reported that the filmmakers of Mission: Impossible 7 – the latest in the 24-year series – arrived in London earlier this month.

In February, production of the film in Venice, Italy was suspended while a coronavirus broke out in that country, Reuters reported. Production resumed in September and has since moved between Italy, Norway and the UK.

Production was halted again in October after 12 crew members tested positive for the virus on a set in Italy, Variety reported.

According to The Sun, Mr. Cruise speaks to about 50 employees at a Warner Bros. film production complex in Leavesden, northwest of London. The tabloid said the actor wears a mask on set and personally enforced Covid-19 rules to prevent further delays in filming.

In the leaked clip, Mr. Cruise told the crew that production was the “gold standard” for Hollywood and that he had spoken to studios, producers and insurance companies who “watched and used us all to make their films. ”

He said he would not accept an apology for what happened on the set, an obvious indication of the Covid-19 protocol violation.

“You can tell the people who are losing their homes because our industry is closed,” said Cruise, adding a statement. “They won’t put food on the table or pay for their college education.”

The sixth film in the series “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” was released in 2018 and achieved worldwide ticket sales of 791 million US dollars. It was filmed in Europe, among others, and its production was delayed after Mr. Cruise broke his ankle in a stunt that hit him on the side of a building.