Tradition Wars Go away Biden Posts in Division of Well being and Human Providers Vacant

Culture Wars Leave Biden Posts in Department of Health and Human Services Vacant

“There are many people who may have trusted their instincts before, but that confidence has been undermined,” said Dr. Lurie. “You have to be sure that you are doing the right thing and that if you get out now and do something that is perceived as risky, no one will cut your neck for it.”

Dr. Levine, a pediatrician and former Minister of Health in Pennsylvania, was targeted by Mr Severino, who said he met with Dr. Met Levine. At that time, he was considering changing an anti-discrimination rule in the Affordable Care Act that the Obama administration had interpreted as protection for transgender people. The Trump administration ultimately limited that protection.

While he said they had “a very respectful dialogue and exchange,” he urged Dr. Levine on whether she would prefer hormone blockers or sex reassignment surgery for minors – topics Senator Paul discussed during Dr. Levine approached for confirmation.

“You are ready to let a minor take things that will prevent their puberty and you think they will get that back?” Senator Paul, who is an ophthalmologist, once said angrily. “You give a woman enough testosterone to grow a beard – you think she’ll look like a woman again if you drop the testosterone?”

Dr. Levine replied, “Transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced area with solid research and standards of care.”

Critics have a speech by Dr. Levine from 2017, which described hormone therapy as the standard for treating transgender adolescents, as well as a Twitter post she authored in January 2020 about a study showing transgender adolescents have access to Drugs present to block puberty are decreased risk of suicide.

After the hearing, New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and majority leader condemned the Republicans for “their attacks on trans people,” which he described as “just mean, mean and showing a total lack of understanding, a total lack of empathy.” . “In a statement Wednesday, Pennsylvania Democrat Senator Bob Casey said Senator Paul’s” questioning was transphobic and a source of pain for many Americans, especially transgender youth. “