Watch Michael B. Jordan in Amazon’s Alexa Tremendous Bowl Advert

Watch Michael B. Jordan in Amazon's Alexa Super Bowl Ad

It’s not often that a commercial makes me thirsty for a piece of tech, but somehow Amazon made the impossible possible with its new Super Bowl LV ad. The commercial, titled “Alexa’s Body,” opens with an Amazon employee discussing how elegant the item is and saying, “I literally couldn’t think of a nicer ship for Alexa,” before seeing a bus with a picture of Michael notes B. Jordan. Immediately she imagines a world where Jordan is now Alexa’s body, and I looked at my own Alexa wistfully.

What really makes the commercials isn’t how insanely hot Jordan whispers, how many tablespoons there are in a mug, or how he uniquely “dims” the lights. This is how the wife’s husband adapts to this new world. “Alexa, no. Don’t do that,” he says with an annoyed look on his face after asking Jordan to add bath oils to her shopping list. You can experience the Jordan Alexa in the ad above, but be warned: you’re going to want one for yourself.