Watch the Stars of ‘Tenet’ Leap Tall Buildings

Watch the Stars of ‘Tenet’ Leap Tall Buildings

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In addition to its time-consuming spectacle, “Tenet” manages to find space to jump its main characters up the side of a tower.

An early scene in the Globetrotter film (now available on digital and Blu-ray) finds its protagonist (John David Washington) in Mumbai on a mission with his partner (Robert Pattinson). The two break into a skyscraper to get information from a resident (Denzil Smith). They make an ingenious rope-pulley system that can be used to throw them into the air. The momentum is used to essentially jump up the side of the building.

Nolan shot the scene with the actors starting first, then a cut to the stunt double who actually made the jump. He said the antennas were among the first a film company was allowed to shoot in Mumbai. In this video, he explains more while talking about working with Bollywood movie star Dimple Kapadia and using the local crew.

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