We Requested: Why Does Oreo Preserve Releasing New Flavors?

We Asked: Why Does Oreo Keep Releasing New Flavors?

Many snacks, including Oreos, have thrived during the pandemic as consumers deal with the stress and boredom of isolation.

“In any case, snacking was one of the stories of Covid,” said Darren Seifer, an analyst for the food and beverage industry at NPD Group. “Not just any old snacks, but we’ve seen a shift towards a more indulgent snack. A move away from the healthier or more suitable foods. “

Mr Seifer said established brands do particularly well because consumers stay in their comfort zones.

And Oreos are nothing if not well established. Oreos, now part of the larger snack company Mondelez International, was launched in 1912 as a product of the National Biscuit Company (later abbreviated as Nabisco), which is part of a pack of three biscuits known as the Trio.

The other two biscuits (a hard biscuit named Veronese Biscuit and a nursery rhymed biscuit called Mother Goose Biscuit) didn’t stand the test of time. Oreo became the best-selling cookie in the world.

The Oreo innovation dream team today consists of marketers, product developers, researchers and food scientists, Parnell said. The team starts each new Oreo idea phase with a number of 50 flavor options, narrowing them down to about a dozen. New flavors are conceived 18 to 24 months before release. Often, said Mr Parnell, the team works with chefs “to understand what’s trending”.

Often times the biggest releases don’t focus on new flavors.

This year, one of the key branding opportunities for the company was Oreo’s collaboration with Supreme, the streetwear brand that came up with almost unexpected, high-profile collaborations. This taste was regular; The biscuit to filling ratio was “Double Stuf”.

That year also welcomed a regularly flavored “Triple Stuf” oreo with a three-color filling, launched by the US Olympic team and continuing a long tradition of collaborative branding between athletes and consumer products.

Finally, there was the announcement of Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” Oreos, which will be available in stores from January.

Given Lady Gaga’s history of rococo outfits and high camp anthems, fans might have expected the oreo flavor to be over the top. But while the colors stand out, the taste is known. The Oreos are standard golden – that means vanilla.