Weddings: The Psychic Mentioned She’d By no means Get Married

Weddings: The Psychic Said She'd Never Get Married

He did not do it. They were an exclusive couple until spring 2016. In 2017, they sold most of their belongings and lived in Airbnb rentals across the country, in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, for 30 days.

“We wanted an adventure and an adventure where we constantly get to know each other in a different capacity,” she said. The adventure, in which they both worked remotely, lasted two years.

When they returned to New York in April 2019 and found a new apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mr. Kossoff was ready to propose and pretty sure Ms. Glantz was ready to accept. But he had doubts. “For a while I was afraid she might never want to get married,” he said.

Mr. Kossoff thought she might enjoy being always the bridesmaid, never the bride. On July 19, 2019, he lifted this suspicion. While walking on the beach on a trip to see her family in Boca Raton, he got on one knee and suggested. “I was so shocked and overwhelmed,” she said. She was happy to say yes too.

On March 19, Ms. Glantz and Mr. Kossoff escaped from Irving Farm, where they first met. Mr. Kossoff’s brother Eric, a Minister for Universal Life, was the officer; Two friends were present as witnesses. Instead of leaving the suggestions of the Finally the Bride contributors to the mold, some animated them for the ceremony.

“They helped me choose sequins as part of the wedding outfit, they helped me pick orchids for flowers and a lot more,” she said. She’s still gathering ideas for a bigger post-pandemic celebration in 2022.