Weddings: This Jewellery Designer Acquired the Diamond She Had in Thoughts

Weddings: This Jewelry Designer Got the Diamond She Had in Mind

Adina Kamkhatchi and Isaac Mizrahi should have met years ago. Their lives were intertwined; They just didn’t know.

Both grew up in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, in a close-knit community of around 40,000 Orthodox Sephardic Jews, mostly from Syria. Both spent the summer in Deal, New Jersey, and vacationed in Aruba. Two years ago they had both stayed at the same hotel, the Marriott Stellaris, at the same time. But despite the fact that the annual pilgrimage to the Dutch island often serves as a huge meet and greet, they never met.

“Marriages usually come out of it,” said Ms. Kamkhatchi, 25, the founder and designer of Adina’s Jewels, a jewelry company. Her pieces have been worn by celebrities like Blake Lively, Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish, Cardi B and two Jenners (Kendall and Kylie).

They met through a speed dating app called Filter Off. But it most likely wouldn’t have happened without Covid.

On April 26, 2020, Ms. Kamkhatchi was stuck in the office late at night. After a full day of printing, picking, packing, and shipping jobs, she remembered a promise she’d made to her best friend to give the app a try.

At 8 p.m. she logged in for the first time. The fourth face to appear was a real estate contractor, Mizrahi-san (unrelated to fashion designer), who lived a few streets down the street. You FaceTimed for 90 seconds before the app was cut off. Fortunately, they gave each other a thumbs up sign and were able to chat directly.

On their first date a week later, they went to a Starbucks transit; everything else was closed. Mr. Mizrahi, 29, bought her a $ 2.50 cup of coffee. And she was addicted.

Five minutes later, they were already making plans for their second date. “We just felt like we had always known each other,” she said.

He, too, was delighted when he noticed that she was different from the other women he met. “She had a career and was curious about the world,” he said.

“When you meet Adina, you realize that she will do anything for everyone,” he added. “If she can help, she’s there. It was one of the features that stood out. I said, “Wow, this can be my child’s mother. My wife.'”

When she got home, she told her mother that she was going to marry him. “She says, ‘You’re hallucinating,” recalled Ms. Kamkhatchi. “I said,’ I promise you. This is the guy I’m going to marry. ‘”

Seven months later, on December 10th, he proposed a 4.2-carat oval diamond set in an ultra-thin 18-carat yellow gold band with a platinum setting designed by Ms. Kamkhatchi.

And on February 21, she kept her promise: They were married in front of 100 guests of Rabbi Ari Azancot at Shadowbrook, Shrewsbury, a New Jersey estate.

Except for immediate family members who had been quarantined, everyone was forced to wear masks and socially distance themselves throughout the wedding.

“I don’t think it was rushed. I know what I want and I am very determined, ”said Ms. Kamkhatchi. “It doesn’t make sense for me to wait. If I learned anything during Covid, life is so unexpected and too short. So why wait If you feel it in your heart, do it. You don’t know what’s waiting for you tomorrow. “