What Occurs within the Bridgerton Books?


Set in Regency era England that Bridgerton Novels are sure to ruffle the petticoats of anyone who loves a good historical romance. If you’ve mailed Lizzy and Mr. Darcy since you first read them Pride and prejudice, you won’t be able to put Julia Quinn’s bestselling book series Netflix Show off. The Basics: The Bridgertons are a well-known and respected British family of eight siblings and their widowed mother, the wife of the late Viscount Bridgerton. The alphabetically named siblings Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth navigate the bells and whistles of upper-class society and find love in unexpected ways. Here is everything you need to know about the nine Bridgerton Novels!

Book 1: The Duke and I

Book one of the Bridgerton Series shows Daphne Bridgerton, the fourth oldest sibling. Daphne is kind, funny, and caring, but no one considers her marriage material important, mostly because she’s never afraid to speak up and refuses to act like a submissive woman. When Daphne agrees to participate in a false advertisement with the Duke of Hastings Simon Basset, love is the last thing they both think. But despite the extent they pretend, the two end up developing very real feelings for each other, and Daphne’s life is forever changed.

Book 2: The Viscount Who Loved Me

Known as London’s elusive bachelor, Anthony Bridgerton is finally planning to settle down and get married, and he has his eyes fixed on the beautiful Edwina Sheffield. But Edwina’s sister Kate has other plans. Determined to protect Edwina from a loveless marriage to a former rake, Kate has no problem interfering in their relationship. But hers and Anthony’s rivalry takes a 180 degree turn and she finds herself in a forbidden love triangle.

Book 3: An Offer from a Gentleman

After Sophia Beckett, the daughter of a count, sneaks into Lady Bridgerton’s annual masquerade ball, she falls into the arms of the handsome Debonair Benedict Bridgerton, who she is sure is her Prince Charming. Although Sophia wants nothing more than to dance with Benedict forever, she has to keep her identity a secret from him. But Benedict’s heart is tied up and at the end of the night he is sure that he wants to spend his life with Sophia. Desperate for the mysterious woman he has danced with, Benedict refuses to give up his search, and what should be an unforgettable night of dancing turns into a lifelong love.

Book 4: Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Colin Bridgerton is considered the most desirable husband in all of London, and Penelope Featherington has been in love with him for as long as she can remember. Given that she is best friends with his sister, Penelope is confident that her love story with Colin will be easy to accomplish. But even after years of wanting him, Penelope discovers that building a relationship with her best friend’s brother is turning out to be more than she expected.

Book 5: Sir Phillip with love

Eloise, the fifth eldest of Bridgerton, has no problem waiting to get married. Although applicants believe she is desperately looking for a marriage offer, it couldn’t be further from the truth. But when Eloise attracts the attention of Sir Phillip, a man she has never met, she is torn between social expectations and self-respect. Then Eloise gives in to the power of love for the first time in her life.

Book 6: When He Was Bad

Just 36 hours before Francesca Bridgerton is supposed to say “I do” to her husband, she meets Michael Stirling. But Michael is not only one of the most notorious rakes in London, he’s also her future husband’s cousin. Francesca has always refused to consider Michael anything but a dear friend, but years later, when she is widowed, Michael returns to her life and Francesca gets the happy ending she had longed for.

Book 7: It’s in His Kiss

Hyacinth Bridgerton is smart and spunky, and she studies Italian especially for Gareth St. Clair. Gareth’s devious father has threatened to ruin his inheritance, and the only hope he has lies in the contents of an old family diary written entirely in Italian. Gareth seeks help with Hyacinth and her knowledge of Italian and finds not only the answers he was looking for, but also the love he was not.

Book 8: Towards the wedding

Gregory Bridgerton is a hopeless romantic and more than ready to be married to the woman of his dreams, Miss Hermione Watson. Completely blinded by the fact that Hermione already has a lover, Gregory is broken. Desperate to win her over and make his dreams come true, he turns to Miss Hermione’s best friend, Lady Lucinda Abernathy, for help. Nothing seems to go its way until Gregory comes to a life-changing realization – the love of his life is not Hermione, but Lucinda.

Book 9: The Bridgertons: Fortunately, to the End

What happens after all of Bridgerton’s siblings get married? In this epilogue and the final book in the series, Julia Quinn offers heartwarming portraits of all of the Bridgerton siblings as they navigate the new chapters of married life and parenting.