What to Know About Mephisto, the Marvel Villain

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, from left, Paul Bettany as Vision, Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, 2018. Marvel / Walt Disney Studios Films / courtesy Everett Collection

The character of Mephisto ties in directly with some of the greatest theories we’ve talked about so far WandaVision, but it wasn’t mentioned on the screen at all! As we try to figure out what exactly is going on in Westview and who is in control, it’s the perfect time to look at Mephisto’s comic book story and the very real possibility that he will be introduced as the newest villain in the Marvel universe.

In the comics, Mephisto is pretty much the Marvel version of the devil. He’s one of the biggest big bads out there, and pretty much all heroes come into conflict with him at some point. Made up of the same nebulous cosmic energy as the Infinity Stones, it tries at some point to get Thanos to collect the Stones and cause mass destruction. In the comics, he can personally purchase the Time Stone, which allows him to travel through time and the multiverse and create alternative versions of himself so that even if he is killed or destroyed, an alternate self can fill the Time Stone void. That sounds like some kind of story the cryptic teasing would fit for Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, in which Wanda will play a central role.

Crucial for WandaVisionMephisto plays an important role in a tragic story from which the show seems to have borrowed something: the birth of Wanda’s sons and Vision. In the comics, like on the show, Wanda and Vision kind of have twin sons, even though Vision is an android – but tragically it turns out that the boys are actually made up of fragments of Mephisto’s soul. If he picks up these fragments again, Wanda’s sons will disappear and their sanity will slowly deteriorate.

There are more than a few indications that Mephisto is making an appearance in the Marvel movies and TV shows sooner rather than later. In the trailer for LokiA split-second shot appears to show a stained glass window showing a character who looks very similar to Mephisto’s appearance in the comics. in the WandaVisionIn the second episode there is a seemingly disposable exchange that in retrospect looks a lot like premonition. A neighbor quips Wanda and her mysterious neighbor Agnes: “The devil is in the details”, and Agnes jokes: “This is not the only place he is!” Agnes often jokes about her husband Ralph, who is always the crux of the joke but has never been seen on screen. At first it seemed like an old-school sitcom-style running gag, but it could have more sinister motivations as well.

Given Mephisto’s connections to Wanda’s story and the Multiverse (which we already suspect will play a big role in the next phase of the Marvel stories), it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he was exposed as a mastermind and future long-term villain .