Who Is This Oral Roberts Crew? Golden Eagles Attempt to Make a Run

Who Is This Oral Roberts Team? Golden Eagles Try to Make a Run

Then the school cycled through coaches, got banned from the tournament for recruiting violations, and – with NCAA investigators investigating players getting plane tickets, using coaches’ cars, and charging nearly $ 50,000 on phone calls – Oral got off the hook Roberts joined the NAIA two years in 1989.

The university was in a similar emergency.

In 1987, Roberts bunkered in the campus prayer tower – a 200-foot monolith – for 10 days, proclaiming that if his followers failed to raise $ 8 million by April 1, God would “call me home”. The stunt worked.

Now the university’s finances are more stable and ambitions more modest. His coach, Paul Mills, who was a longtime assistant at Baylor, said he borrowed a roster-building philosophy from New Zealand’s All-Blacks rugby team that good people are good players. It helps if they are good shooters, too, and the Titans who became Golden Eagles are historically good free-throw shooters – their free-throw shooting of 82.19 percent is a fraction of the record set by Harvard in 1984.

Oral Roberts also played a challenging non-conference schedule, playing against Missouri, the state of Wichita, the state of Oklahoma, Oklahoma and Arkansas – which they’ll get another bang against on Saturday – and lost them all. Now, however, the group will receive unusual attention.

Bigger schools might have been interested in Weaver if he hadn’t torn his knee open in high school. Abmas was only recruited from the service academies. Obanor met with interest, but not an Arkansas scholarship. And another starter, Kareem Thompson, didn’t have any scholarship offers in high school.

“I’m happy,” said Weaver, who has a 6-foot-11 wingspan and wants to become a venture capitalist. “There is a sense of familiarity that we have in this position. We created that. We didn’t just jump on one train, so it’s priceless. “

Even if no one else says a prayer.