Why are you grateful for your self this Thanksgiving?

Why are you thankful for yourself this Thanksgiving?

Every Thanksgiving year, my family does this thing where we go around the table and everyone says something to be grateful for. Does yours do that too? We usually only say 12 variations of the same generally palatable thing, for the sake of tradition. But that one year my smallest cousin (maybe she was seven then?) Became a villain. In front of her exhausted parents and loving grandparents, with food on her plate and a roof over her head, my cousin said that what she was most grateful for was … herself.

Everyone laughed!

Then we ate beige foods until our stomach ached, kissed goodbye, and woke up with carbohydrate-padded hangovers.

Now that I’m older and wiser, and haven’t gathered around a soaked mound of baked brie with my entire family today, I’ve started rethinking my cousin’s refreshing, candid response. Maybe being grateful for yourself isn’t narcissistic – maybe it’s just objective. Many of us have been more isolated this year than ever, which means you are the person you have likely spent the most time with. You worked really hard – in less than ideal circumstances. You’ve acted as a caregiver, screened your friends, educated your children, stood up for justice, cooked lots of meals, cleaned lots of dishes, supported local businesses, kept a brave face when you could … what’s the harm? Give credit where credit is due? Many thanks to the academy next year!

Instead of walking around the table, I want to go around the internet and ask: Why are you thankful for yourself? What did you do to pat a little on the back? (And you’d better think you deserved it.) Let’s turn the comments section into a great celebration of self-love, right? Preheat the compliments, Team ITG will see you down there in a minute.

“But Oshinsky.”

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