Winter Train Guides and Apps

Winter Exercise Guides and Apps

It’s a hibernation period like no other: it’s colder and darker and you’re still inside. This makes it all the more important (and all the more difficult) to keep moving. At the beginning of 2021, here are some ideas on how to get out of the house, or at least get off the couch a little.

A massive running boom set in in the spring when many people reverted to the simplest exercise: one foot in front of the other until you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time outside your seemingly shrinking home.

When you need a fresh boost to get back outside or back on the treadmill, try an app like Nike Run Club or Asics Studio, which offers free, guided runs. These are usually accompanied by music and a coach who provides instruction and motivation. Both apps offer runs for beginners and advanced runners looking for speed workouts or intervals. A little extra motivation can go a long way.

Do you miss cycling outdoors and don’t want to buy a stationary bike? You can purchase bike rollers or an indoor bike trainer so that you can safely ride your outdoor bike indoors. Add an app to make things more fun than staring at the wall of your living room. Rouvy offers virtual routes and challenges like driving the Ironman Australia route with elevation maps and videos from the course. You can also join a virtual world and drive with Zwift, with “live” drives where you can join athletes from all over the world. Rouvy charges $ 12 per month while Zwift is $ 14.99 per month.

If you’re looking for a no-frills yoga class that feels tailored for you, you’ve come to the right place at Yoga with Adriene. by Adriene Mishler, who New York Times Magazine called “the reigning queen of pandemic yoga”. On YouTube, Mishler has created free yoga for writers and yoga for cooks, yoga for runners and yoga for travelers, yoga for riders and yoga for surfers, as well as a current video entitled “Yoga when you feel dead inside”. She also has 30 day yoga trips.

Sure, you’ve heard of Peloton’s bike and treadmill. But the company also has a number of courses and programs in their app for those who want to stay in shape at home without making a huge investment in hardware. You can sort strength programs for those who require specific equipment (e.g., classes that use resistance bands), or choose those that don’t require equipment at all. The app offers a monthly digital membership of $ 12.99.

Peloton is one of the largest and most established players in the home fitness industry, and their instructors understand the challenges of training wherever you can find the court. It is not uncommon for an instructor to remind participants to find a place where they can safely stretch their arms without knocking anything (or anyone) over.

Missing trying boutique fitness classes? The Obé Fitness App offers numerous courses on request. However, one of their greatest strengths is the variety of live courses. Taught by many teachers recognized by followers of the New York boutique fitness scene, the classes are shot in pastel studios that resemble the squares on an Instagram page. Every day there is a combination of Pilates and dance classes, cardio boxing, yoga sculpture, bars and strength. The app offers both annual ($ 199) and monthly ($ 29.99) subscriptions.

If you have an idea of ​​what you’re looking for – be it a 10-minute core workout, a 15-minute prenatal stretch routine, or a 30-minute body weight class – you can find many of your best options for free on YouTube. The hard part is overcoming the embarrassment of being rich. So be ready to find thousands of results that could prove to be effective.